What was your first Global flight?

Hi guys, I wanted to know what was your first global flight, and also ask you if you could recommand me some flights about ~1h30 of flight. For me, my first flight was LFLL - LFBO in France. What was yours? 🛫


Recreating a route I did in real life Auckland to Christchurch in a Jetstar A320


My first Global Flight was actually on Solo Mode.

Flight Info:
Aircraft/Airline: Emirates 777-300(ER)
Route: Tokyo Haneda Int’l (HND/RJTT) - Dubai Int’l (DXB/OMDB)
Flight Time: 10h and something minutes 😅
Cruising ALT: FL360
Speed: M0.83

And umm something more idk?

Oh and btw, my first Global flight on IF Pro was with:
ANA 777-200ER from New Chitose to Haneda.
I cruised at 28000ft i think? Well it’s been nearly a year now and so far I’ve been in love with Global, given me the opportunity to do major long haul flights, you all know that by know 😂

Pretty much those are my first two flights, also the Emirates flight i did, i continued to Stockholm with it later on, but don’t remember any details or specifics about that flight other than i greased the landing even back then 😎

Btw… you see, my first global flight was a Long Haul, so you can guess what flight I’m doing now ;)


KGRR-KDTW, Delta CRJ-900


I never actually finished my first flight. I was going to do a flight from egll to kjfk and I forgot about the new fuel feature and ended up crashing in the Atlantic. Not the best way to kick off global.


Good ol KATL-KDTW in delta B738


You my friend happened to explore the ocean, it’s a brand new world with global, haha 😂

Great way to start exploring what the world has to offer ;)

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Well technically speaking my first flight in Global was going to be JFK to MCO however my app crashed at 47 minutes in. The aircraft I used was the Delta A319.

The next day, which was October 29th, I completed my first official flight. Flew on an Air Canada A319 from Toronto Lester to JFK. Flight time was an hour and 3 minutes and my landing was actually not that bad.

As of now I have 272 flights logged in (excuding pattern work)

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Ha during the first days of global when I tried overnights the app would always crash

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Yup. I was so confused. And then I realized it was because of the fuel and I literally felt so stupid.


My first “flight” was sitting at KSAN, sitting there, in awe. ;)


My first INTL route was the first INTL route I took irl

TNCM-TDPD was my first route !

JFK to LHR, British Airways B777-300er

My first flight was going to be MCI-STL but IF crashed when I started descending so I tried MCI-ATL and that was successful, so technically MCI-ATL was my first.

LAX-ATL on the delta MD-11, I got Pro shortly after that was released

YMAV to YSSY in the JQ A320

KSEA-CYYC in a Westjet Boeing 737-700

KSFO to KLAS in a Virgin A320. I flew on this flight IRL so it was nice to recreate it.


Horizon Dash-8

About 1h30

Beautiful flight!