What was your first flight?

hey guys, i was wondering… how old were you when you went on a plane for the first time? I was 2 months old at the time, from Melbourne to Honolulu! I don’t remember it of course…

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Thanks! 😉

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I was 23 days old, February 04th, 1998.

Basel (LFSB) to Nuremberg (EDDN), Crossair Flight LX556. It was a Saab 340 (HB-AFK).

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From the topic I linked above

Cathay or JAL (they now re-branded as Japan Airlines)? I remembered my first flight was 1 year old to Haneda. They have the best kids gift, containing aircraft models, toys and postcards sth like that.

I think some kind of Ryanair flight (since it was so cheap, often we went on random holidays)