What was your first flight with global?

I remember when global came out, I was super excited to do a flight from LSZH (Zurich) to KLAX (Los Angeles) on the SWISS 777-300ER. (One of my favorite planes and liveries). But me being me, I forgot fuel was a thing now, so I have to crash land in Canada.

Anyways, what was your first flight with global?

Denver to lax in a 757 but I quit 5 minutes after takeoff because I got board


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KLAS-KLAX for sure. 😂

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You always link my topics😂

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Okay! I will shut it down I guess lol😂

I attempted to do Barcelona to Athens, but quit after 5 mins. I forgot the exact airplane model though.

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Patterns at RCTP.

Sorry yall… Thanks for the reply’s tho!

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First flight in IF