What was your first flight on Infinite flight EVER

My first 7 flights that I have ever done were
EGLL-EIDW Ryan air B738
KBOS-KJFK JetBlue A320
KLAX-KDEN United B763
LFPG-EGLL British Airways A320
EHAM-EGLL British Airways B789
KORD-KDFW American B738

My first long haul was
KEWR-EHAM United B772

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How did you know? 😜


First every flight was Southwest boeing 737-7H4 KSFO-UNKNOWN, (definitely didn’t crash into the pacific ocean) .

First pro flight was KDCA-KBWI American Boeing 737-823.

My first ever extreme realism flight (using flaps, lights correctly, apu correctly, spoilers correctly, automatic speed breaks correctly, ap system correctly, and rudder/ailerons correctly), was Delta B752 KLAX-KJFK.

Infinite Flight was the first flight simulator I ever owned, and my first flight on it ended in me crashing into the pacific about 20 NM out of PHNL. I had departed from KSFO.

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I’m pretty sure when I first got IF subscription back in September 2017 on my birthday, I flew from KJFK to KLGA and might even have flown from KLAX to KSAN. But after global releases, my first actual flight would be KLAX to KSFO

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KSFO to the side of a mountain


know the mountain, by any chance?

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not sure id have to go back and look at the replay

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It was 2016 at the time and IF looked like crap. I flew a Asiana 747-400 from SFO into Nearby Mountain International Airport’s Runway DEATH

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Boeing 757 American Airlines 1968

As much as I would’ve loved to say I started out at Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC), I unfortunately started at San Francisco (SFO/KSFO) shortly after the 717 and 757 got released

Man, it’s been quite some time since I had an IF subscription

I think I did something like SFO-OAK followed by SFO-SJC…that was pretty much what I was capable of doing so at the time

EKCH-VTBK with Thai Airways A350-900

A lot of people saying Pro flights which is pretty odd. I did a month of solo flying before getting pro, so My first was KLAX - KSAN! Delta 717

It was Madrid LEMD to Porto LPPR without the Pro subscription.

first flight without Pro was LEMD to LPPR with iberia A321 and with pro was SVCS-- SVMI-- MDSD–KMIA in a citation x registration YV2152 a flight that i wanted to do when i got Pro :)

It was KLAX-MMTJ or KLAX-KNUC, I don’t remember

GOSH my one was about 6 years ago with an emirates a380 take-off at night with no idea how the controls worked

EGKK-LEBL Easyjet A320

Amsterdam to Geneva with the KLM’s E190 back in 2017

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