What was your first flight ever?

KHAF-KHAF in a Cessna 172. I didn’t even know how to land, so I ended flight when I was plummeting towards the runway on final. This was in Live’s first days

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I did a lot of flights in solo before I got live but when I got live my first was LAX-SAN in like 2015 probably

Mine was in 2017 and it was an Qatar airbus a380 on my galaxy s7 which I managed to get it airborne and landed somewhere at the Bay Area. Good times.

Lufthansa A380 at San Fransisco. Crashed within 3 seconds.

Um probably the Cessna 172 at SFO or A380 at SFO, this was pre global on solo, that would have been in 2013 or 2014. My first live flight was with the Boeing 787-10 most likely in the Boeing livery at LAX.

Flying the Dash-8 from PDX to YVR. Tried to land at 170 kts, did a go-around as I had no clue about the calibration, and ended up with one set of gear stuck in the ground.

I remember doing KDLH to KMSP as my first live flight. Memory is so dull that I cannot believe I have been with this community for more than one year. I remember I succeeded the world’s longest flight, WSSS-KEWR, and realized that from this short flight that changed my life to the longest flight that I will always remember.

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Oh gosh - lemme look in my Excel sheet logbook.


It was…oooh an old classic…

Boeing 747-400

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KLAX to KLAS in the B747. Slammed all gear down at the same time SO HARD that the aircraft launched back into the air and did about 10 360s. So, it was a decent landing XD


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If I remember correctly, my first flight was from KCAE to KCLT

I’ll do it on IFone day

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I cant remember. It was back in 2013

Pattern work at egll on casual

EGHI-EGHI, I didn’t manage to get off the ground 😏 just overran the runway a bit, hehe.

I started very short flights then worked my way up to real life routes

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My first flight on global was JFK to LAX in a 787 AAL on casual server. I mainly flew on casual server in the beginning to avoid violations but eventually I got 3 by simply forgetting to raise my spoilers as i was passing through 10000ft at 260kts. That happened twice and taxi speed violation

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07/24/2017, KSFO-KOAK in the A380.

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My First flight was reallly long ago, there was no live yet. It was ik the SAN Francisco region, the tutorial flight with the C172. (Even Amsterdam region wasn’t there yet, I remember how happy I was and my First flight there was EHAM to EDDL)

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It was in the Amsterdam region, from EDDK to some tiny airstrip. That was my first flight that i fully completed barely landing my 737 a lot of failed attempts before. Best day ever and i couldnt stop watching the replay

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