What was your first flight ever?

What was your very first flight in IF? Mine was Boston To Jfk. I didn’t really land, I just stalled on final and crashed…


Mine was KORD-N/A. I just took off in a 747 and messed around. There wasn’t really much to do since it was back in the region days and I didn’t have live.

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how long ago was that?

Like May of 2017

oh so not so long a go

Nope. Global is only 2 years old… coming up on the 3rd anniversary soon if I’m not mistaken…

Mine was KASE-NA in 2014

Mine was KLAX-KSAN. At the time I sucked at it so I started descending really close to the airport at like -5000 VS

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@Reid lol that was also me probably

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I remember before there was multiplayer i used to fly around SFO and ORD alot as those were some of the only free regions, I had to individually buy all of the planes though lol. I mainly practiced my landings in the 747 and i clearly remember i had one of the MOST BUTTER landings of all time at SFO 28R. not rlly a flight but close enough

@AarkonTV Nice I think my most buttery landing was a United A320 going into Bozeman Int.

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I think flying out of lax on the taxi way and getting to 500feet and crashing

I have sense then learned how not to do that and land almost perfectly on the runway

My first flight was from KLAX to- N/A. I, later on, crashed because I just did not know what I was doing.

ahhhh, fun times

Mine was SAN-the ground around 4 yrs ago


Mine was two years ago

Mine was BWI-JFK

nice stories

My first flight ever was way back in 2015 on the Airbus a320 from KFLL to KTPA. During the times of regions and the classic Space Shuttle missions. Good times. I feel old after saying this.

Mine was KDEW to the ground in a A321 (I didn’t have pro)