What was your first 757 flight?

Hello guys, I know that it has been a while since the 757 rework, but I am curious what your first flight after the rework was on the 757. My first flight was VHHH-VNKT on the Nepal Airlines livery, but I had to divert to Dhaka because of fuel.


KDFW-KICT Old livery AA 757

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I meant after the rework sorry

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Yeah, after the rework was that flight

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Oh ok. For a second I got confused and I thought they removed it before the rework. Welp my bad.


No worries

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My first ever flight was KLAX-PHNL in the non reworked one after the rework it was KORD-PHOG

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My First Flight with the new updated 757 was East Midlands to Fuerteventura with Jet2 it was a fantastic flight. πŸ‘πŸ»

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My first flight after the rework was from New York (EWR) - Anchorage in the UAL B752. Terrific Flight above Alaska! πŸ—»

My first flight was EGKK-LSGG with monarch


LAX-HNL. First ever 757 flight. Had to divert to Hilo for a refill.

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GVAC-GVSV Cabo Verde

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Since I had beta my first flight was EWR-MCO with the UA 757 but my first flight after the rework was released public was Manchester to Skiathos with the TUI 757

It was BIKF - LFSB with the Icelandair livery 😍

PANC to KMSP on Delta

My first 757 Flight was Pattern Works at KSFO.

Because Handling Up and Down is very useful and can Turn Right/Left Easily.

Unfortunately when I felt 777’s flight skills, I threw it to trash can🀣🀣🀣

EGCC - LEPA on Jet2

Pattern work at a airport that Tyler was departing. Absolutely crushed the landing gear. πŸ₯΄πŸ˜¬

London Gatwick to Marrakesh in a TUIfly UK 757-200

Newark to San Francisco on United.