What was your favorite thing(s) about Infinite Flight in 2017?

With 2017 drawing to a close, I thought it would be a nice idea to reflect on this year for Infinite Flight. This sim has made major milestones, including but not limited to new planes, and of course the long-anticipated release of Global.
What did you enjoy most about the sim in 2017? Was it being part of the LAX-SAN train before Global came out? Was it the old Turbulent Tuesday events? Was it your first flight on Global? Was it making new friends? Was it flying the MD-11 and DC10 to deliver holiday gifts worldwide?
With that being said, here’s to 2018! Here’s to new planes, soaring high, and many more milestones for Infinite Flight. Happy New Year to you as well, hoping for good health and happiness for all of you!


Personally, my favorite things were:
Making new friends
Hosting events/joining events
When SoCal region was staffed on Expert Server😂
Getting into IFATC
The release of Global
And many more!


Everything in 2017 was great! Every single update led the path to a bigger and better one.


To be honest, years don’t mean much. There is no difference from 2017 and 2018 but people hype up new years to much, a year isn’t going to change you or anything, you will change you, not a new year ;).

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The release of global was the one which made 2017 a great year. I must say I missed the old days of IF, amazing job by the FDS team!


2017 in a Nutshell…

For Infinite Flight:

New Community members, New (Fantastic) moderators, #1 in the App Store for simulation, new aircraft and much more.

But most importantly the release of Global, a milestone in Infinite Flight and in there world of simulation.

For me:

Still having the privilege to be able to play Infinite Flight and pay a subscription, the access to play Globally, the access to interact with tens of thousands of people who enjoy the exact same thing as me.

A bit early to say this (I guess), but what a great year for IF and the IFC.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Thanks to the Moderation Team and FDS for working there socks off, bringing improvements to IF and the IFC.

I Wonder What 2018 Will Bring Us?


Becoming COO of tailwinds flying club
Becoming COO of SAA va
The global update
Becoming a regular


Favorite things:

  • Joining my first VA, SWVA, was a good time with some great pilots. Have moved on since, but enjoyed it there as it was my first.

  • Joining Delta. I left SW for a few reasons, and really found them with DLVA. The community is great, have joined staff and try to leave a positive mark on the pilots there to help any way i can.

  • Joining IFATC. I joined IF originally because of the ATC. I didn’t realize how big of a challenge it would be to get there (i was a noob that opened LAX as my first-ever airport on TS1). From that frightful day, to the day I got notification that i passed my practical, man i came a long way and made it worth it when i got that invitation.

  • Global release obviously.


Global, and FDS fixing the annoying floating point bug.

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This year has been a major milestone for me. I used to fly solo all the time and had no involvement in the community. October rolled around and my piloting skills were on fleek. I remember when Global came out, the huge hype. When I got Global on the 28th of October, I was happy. I joined the community two days later. The sim and forum have helped me gain new knowledge of things. The mods, devs and the people on the community are what define Infinite Flight and that’s all that matters to me. I have gained the chances to become a pilot of respect and care. Aside from that joining FedEx VA has shown the true anticipation of my future.
Happy New Year IFC!

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My favorite part was probably the global update. Keep up the good work FDS! Can’t wait to see what is coming in 2018, maybe even taxiway lights. Only time will tell. 🙂

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2017 has been a wild ride.

Another year in IFATC. Training and testing more and more new controllers. My ops havent been as high as I wanted but my services were used elsewhere so I stayed busy. Then being part of the Beta team was a nice surprise. Then the mod promotion to top off 2017.

The best was being able to make it out to Warbird Weekend and meet the gang. Mark was just happy that someone was taller than him. The highlight of the weekend was everyone in the living room flying a quick global flight with the developers and controllers. Who knew that a mobile app could bring so many people together.


Global and MD-11/DC-10 are definitely the highlight for me this year. And also I joined IFATC this year too.

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2017 was a great year for me. I kinda lost interest in IF in January, though I had started playing it in November 2016. I re-established my love for it in June, and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve met amazing new people who have changed my life, though I’ve never met them in real life. I’ve sat in the car multiple times during my son’s soccer games just so I can finish an event, and much more.

In 2017, I:

  • Became active on the IFC
  • Went from Grade 1 to Grade 4
  • Went from Basic User to Regular
  • Made my first event
  • Created my most popular event series: Realistic Airport Gathering
  • Became Plane & Pilot’s Event Leader and Public Relations Manger
  • Founded United Virtual
  • Got United Virtual approved by the IFVARB
  • Had 30+ Pilots Join United Virtual in the first month

And many more!

My favorite things about IF:

  • Global Flight
  • Events
  • Making New Friends
  • Long Haul Flights
  • Probably a lot more that I’m just forgetting right now.

What a great year it has been, and here’s to an amazing 2018!


  • Global
  • Global
  • Global
  • Global
  • Global

And global too.


A lot of things! I can’t list all of them but here are some:

  • Global

  • Me becoming a regular

  • Joining IFC

  • Apart of 3 VAs

  • MD-11/DC-10 update (boy those graphics are AMAZING! Fantastic job FDS!)

I really like the release of global and all the work done by the Dev’s. However I do sometimes miss the days with the regional maps before global. But everything has come such a long way that it’s hard not to love it!

2017 was by far the greatest year for IF, but even more is the greatest in mobile gaming…

I believe my favorite “features” in Infinite Flight was the scenery. That was my favorite feature added and a GREAT ADDITION to the game

For example:

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Global, new planes, earning a spot in IFATC and the friends made through this sim are all highlights of 2017…

But right up there on the list for this sim in 2017 are the modifications made to requirements to fly on the expert server. As both IFATC and an active pilot, I am excited to see what effect this has on how people behave on the server. I am also looking forward to see what other tweaks to this are made as the requirements play out in the new year.

Thanks to everyone at FDS for your hard work this year as well as a big thanks to our Mods, 3rd party app devs, podcast hosts, airport editors and all you pilots/controllers out there that help make this such a great sim and community.

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