What was your favorite Infinite Flight moment?

I landed a C172 in the water… With no engine power…

For me it was definitely the moment when I passed the IFATC radar test.

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Arriving to an airport that’s not popular in IF after a long flight and ATC is active

When I first landed smoothly with an aircraft without bouncing.
I was so happy that I showed the replay to my dad who is an aircraft engineer and he said that I landed smoother than real life aircrafts he sees everyday at work.

doing a parallel landing with my friend in an aircraft that we have never flown before and we both landed smoothly.

Meeting Luna was the best part for me. Meeting @MDoor and @Gavin_I was cool too.


Making my first buttery landing. It was extreme butter

Infinite Flight to me was the reason I wanted to become a pilot, and really realize what I wanted to do with my life. 2019 was an incredible year for me, great people, the best flight sim on a mobile device, outstanding developers, and remarkable staff here on the IFC.

  • One of my favorite moments Infinite Flight was responsible for is meeting @GraceHopper and @Hopperbolic at Detroit (DTW). This wasn’t even planned, we just happen to be there the same day, same time.

  • Another one of my favorite moments of this year was when after a long 2 and a half years, I finally reached 1,000,000xp. I thought I’d never get there!

Infinite Flight still to this day brings me great joy, and I hope for another great year in 2020!


Going through the process of starting up and getting AVVA certified.

@mwe2187 I was sitting in Economics class on the first day of school. I saw the message and almost fell out of my chair.

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When I joined British Airways Virtual in June 2019!

Joined UVAL got to grade 3 and had a awesome community

Thanks for the notice @Hopperbolic,

my favorite thus far has been getting into IFATC, and progressing up to officer for radar. It was my goal when i joined IF, and ive been in IFATC for nearly two years now.

Second top moment has been being a part of DLVA - IFATC was my first goal, but i would have never been able to do it without DLVA. DLVA has kept me in the community when times get tough. such a great group of pilots (real world and IF) to hang out with that are a part of it.

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Too much interesting things happen really i don’t know maybe A350 coming Lmao!

That would hurt really bad. Depending on what part of your body made contact with the ground first.

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