What was your biggest mistake on IF?

What mistake was the worst you ever done? For me, I accidentally tried the space glitch in TS, and that didn’t go so well.


Forgotting to ask for clearance to land in an active airport. Man, my grade dropped that day.


Forgetting to put the gear down on Expert . . .


I also went to KHEF to practice takeoffs in a C208 and spawned at the hold short line. I thought I was on solo, but I was on Expert and didn’t announce anything. I only realized it was Expert once I saw the lack of a replay button when I tried to replay my takeoff. I was lucky to not get ghosted that moment


The Worst mistake I Have ever done was when I was flying a B787 at FL 35000 Feet and I accidentally touched the A/P Button and then I Fall Down To FL 25000 Feet. This was the Worst mistake I have ever done in Infinite Flight.😋


May or may not have taken off after being told to line up and wait… I was on the phone at the same time so thought he cleared me for t/o… Dropped two bloody grades 😂😂


When I had connection issues I ended up interfering with approach on expert. I didn’t get ghosted since I exited. The issue was my WiFi suddenly cut out creating the issue with transferring from approach to tower.

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Landing without flaps in a Boeing 777-300ER!

Came in at 190kts, slammed down on the runway, bursting 2 out of 6 tires on the left gear which also completely fell off, flying backwards. Now the left wing scraping up along the runway, starting a fire with flames bigger than 8 stories high apartments, and then… wait, none of these features exists… 🤨

Apart from my wild imagination, I did land once without flaps, only to come to a halt, at the end of the runway.


When I first started I had autopilot on while taking off. I didn’t calibrate so I would pitch up rapidly at 100 knots and stall. After that disaster I didn’t use autopilot taking off until I reached 1,000 feet.

When I first started like many years ago and had no idea what ghosting was or how to work the system !

Had an ultra long-haul flight going whilst working from home but got so into what I was doing that I completely forgot I had flight in progress. When I remembered before going to bed, I rushed over to my tablet to find myself way past my destination, the ATC button flashing and close to no fuel. I just ended the flight there and then, but luckily it was on TS.

Crash in front of many people and some who happened to be moderators. It looked like i was about to do the smoothest 737 landing in the world, then I sneezed and went straight down to the ground. It happened during a flash flight.


That’s an Oof rofl.

Mine was when I almost landed on the wrong runway in Expert. @Trio knows 😉


Well, one time i was flying a 737 from LAX to SFO. I left my device when i reached cruising altitude. Then i came back about 10 minutes later to find me in a nosedive with autopilot still on.

I’ll tell you two

The first one I was at the expert server, taxiing to the runway, I accidentally taxiied to the wrong runway and asks for takeoff, I didn’t realize I was on the wrong runway until I checked the map to see if there were planes inbound, I felt quite embarrassed after that, but the controller @Brad was fine after that.

Second mistake was when I was flying to Copenhagen, I had enough fuel I calculated but it wasn’t enough fuel even I had enough, so I had about 100kg while on final approach in a A320, I did manage to land, although I think they had to fix the nose gear, and some people were rushed to the hospital so it was fine (at least I didn’t crash killing everyone)

And remember
At both times I was on the expert server

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Let’s make it three
I was on @Brad s event at Tampa, my second to last flight online since my live ran out, I was flying to ENGM (Oslo), I was set to arrive at 0330 my time, so I put an alarm at 3 o’clock, I wake up by my alarm at 0615 (when I uasally get out of bed) finding out my alarm didn’t work and was overflying Greenland with 4% fuel, I just ended the flight since I didnt have time to land before I left home

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Could we get some feedback from the legend @Brad ? (Sorry for tagging you so much) (please don’t be mad)

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What i did was try to contact approach and i couldnt get a responce once tuned. I requested an approach 3-4 times 1 min apart from one another and then i got ghosted for spamming.
So i guess dont talk to atc if they cant answer…idunno.
First ghost in my life at grade 5 so got banned from expert server for a week…really sad.

On TS I turned off both my engines at 36,000 ft. I recovered and finished the flight though

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I tried to swipe the rudder fully to the right and left and got immediately zero airspeed on expert below 10,000.

We’ll be right back.

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