What was your biggest fail on Live? (part 2)

Well i was flying the MD11F and tried to be close to realism and was midflight, changing the camera to the outside one to take some fancy screens. But i had to discover that i had the cargo doors still open 😂😂


My flight took longer than expected (and I had to run errands) so we drove. I’m in the passenger seat playing IF (without a joystick like normal) and I forgot to change the settings from joystick to hand-fly. I landed, but it wasn’t that great. I ended up sliding on the runway and just disconnecting (it was KDFW-EGLL)

Stalled on approach in Laura’s presence! At least I recovered with a smooth landing.

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expert server in Dubai from EGLL (IFATC schedule on both) with an heavy 747 (fuel was burn but heavy pax/cargo weight)go around in last few second cause of a plane slowly line up on runway (and i may don’t see, and don’t spot him on radar) fail to restore a descent speed and stall, crash in middle of the runway, in front of busy traffic (almost 15 ground and 10 approach)

Lost almost 7 hours of flight, getting ghosted (i can understand), and pretty much lost my mind.

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A month ago was my most embarrassing moment. Buttered the landing, but forgot the gear…

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I was making a winding, mountainous approach into KGUC, and I descended too quickly, and before I knew it, all I could see through my windshield was mountain. I tried to pull up, but it was too late. I smashed into the mountain, two miles away from the airport. >_<


I stalled a 208, at 30 feet, and crashed.

Not my highest achievement, but I’ll give my self a point in managing to crash a plane at 30 feet


To the music of “How could this happen to me” it sounds perfect! 👌

Lucky the FAA had filed a report for a cargo decompresion lol.

In a Caravan landing competition some years ago, I tried landing it at 100kts and it swayed directly to the judge on touchdown who was parked by the side the of runway at Gatwick. I don’t know what I was thinking that day.

I was once approaching Toronto with APPR enabled and i desided to land visualy and i turned off the APPR and i forgot to calibrate so i crashed

I have not had any really big fails…yet. Only thing would be on the expert server when I could not contact approach atc for som reason, I had and still have 0 violations but Geez, that was really scary when I was told to contact atc but couldn’t. Fortunalty I changed my callsign to ”ATCISSUE” as fast as I could, the controller imidietly stopped screaming at me to contact him. That was Some nervous moments.


So this one time I was flying with my step-grandfather (who flew Bonanzas) showing him the a318. I was flying into St. Kitts (forget the ICAO) and as a total joke he said: oh no! The landing gear!
But I actually forgot the landing gear. I yanked back and blasted the engines to full, but I was so close to the ground (about 40 feet AGL) I stalled and crashed into the parking area.

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My first flight on expert, I almost crashed into Mang Ping San Uk, a mountain peak. 😂 I’m pretty sure it was Mang Ping San Uk, I may be wrong. This took place about 4 weeks ago, I was new then, so don’t judge me.

Mountain is circled in white:

VHHH and VHXX was in use so I decided to depart from VHHH to VHXX. Keep in mind, there was no approach control on frequency. I was given clearance for a touch and go for RW13 by tower.


I intercepted the localizer for RW13. As I was descending I could see the runway and I thought hmmm, this is going to be a interesting landing. I’ve never landed at an airport that is perched on a mountain. Again I’m new, and I was not looking at the thing that tells you how far away you are from the airport, for lack of a technical term. I can’t imagine I was perfectly aligned on the glide slope. Actually, I’m 95% positive I was not.

As I am on short final for this runway mirage I put my gear down. 10 seconds after putting my gear down I realized that there is a feature in IF that lets you see the runway through obstacles, in this case a mountain. I then touched-down on the peak of the mountain, ricocheted off and then climbed. In essence I did a touch and go on a mountian cliff. After climbing I regained composure and landed at VHXX. Surprisingly, it was a good landing despite the fact I was a little shook up. What a welcome to the expert server.


The other day I was taking off in Kiev with @Jake_Stopher controlling and Mark was parked and when I rotated I must’ve not had enough thrust because I went down right beside Mark.

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I was on final on runway 5 into CLT tower cleared me to land. I was about 10 feet of runway cat jumped up hit me and well lets just say I didn’t land…


There is a special approach for VHXX RWY 13, albeit a notorious one. You should be able to find it on the web with a quick search.

Thank you, I studied that afterwards. Won’t make that mistake again.

Edit: Also, I now always look over the imaging for the departing and arrival airports.

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For starters, I almost got an idle runway violation in front of Laura (she had been sitting at a gate for like 10 mins so I assume she wasn’t paying attention… but still.)

I was with my VirtualBlue crews doing KJFK to KBOS when I kinda landed in grass…