What was your best IF moment?

I was on a flight from KJFK-KLAX in an American Airlines A321. Departed from JFK with low visibility with the new A321 (live cockpit) so it was a sight to see. The flight was very scenic, I got some neat pictures. Nearing KLAX the sun was starting to set, and the weather was perfect. I had my best landing at -21FPM.

It doesn’t just have to be a flight that you had, it could be air traffic controlling for the first time, or your first event. Enjoy! Sorry if it’s a duplicate I looked around and couldn’t find anything.


Wasn’t sure if this should be in live or general

No worries, this belongs in #live. However, my best IF (Infinite Flight) moment would be being able to clear up most of the traffic once in KLAX as a tower controller in the training server I believe.


My best ever moment was by far when I ran out of fuel on a flight from EHAM to VTBD but glided to the nearest airport and managed to land! When I came to a stop I never felt so proud and relieved 😂😂😂


My best and interesting moments was during an ATC session expert . I instructed an aircraft to “go around “ 5 nm on final and he responded with Emergency fuel 0 minute remaining 🤣🤣


I’ve had a couple of fuel issues, and that’s probably the only time where it’s the best!

One of the best moments that I can remember off the top of my head was when there was no visibility at EHAM. It got so bad at one point I had to stop on the taxiway due to not being able to see the lines. Made it out safely once the fog cleared up and got to see the sunrise.

Another time I had planned a flight from Seoul to Atlanta overnight but when I woke up had an hour left of fuel left and had only finished crossing the pacific. But was able to make it to SFO in time for the sunrise as well.

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I believe this was about 6-7 months ago, but I was going to the best airport in the world, MCO, and there was fog until about 225 feet, and when I was with tower I was hearing that people were going around. I had to go around once, but managed to land safely.

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Two memories stand out to me:

-My first day back after years when I discovered the new global servers
-When I got the message I passed and was a member of IFATC and saw that I had the ability to control on the expert server.

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Lol spawned into an airport in the rainforest about 2000 feet above the rest of the terrain it was a very funny glitch

This was my best moment😂😂

I was doing a long haul from Heathrow to JFK. The whole way through the flight there was a Virgin Atlantic B787 beside me. He wasn’t right beside me, he was a good distance away from me, but I could still see him. It was so cool

Probably my first global flight

It was simply thrilling

Simulating the ferry flight of HB-JCS (SWISS A220) from Montreal-Mirabel to Zurich.

Simply an amazing feeling to bring an aircraft home! (even though it was just simulated)

Haha, my first global flight I was disappointed. I thought that you were gonna be able to speed the flight up or something.

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Flying from CYVR-CYYC with 2 other people. There was no communication beforehand about a group flight.

This also happened flying from CYVR-KLAX (twice)

And, on my old account, I flew from KIAH-WSSS. The best part was actually finding out that I didn’t have enough fuel and refueling at KSEA.

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I ran out of fuel in an A380 and landed at the tiniest GA airport. I actually managed to slow down and manage my speed enough to go and park on the ramp. 😅


IF gives us the possibility to experience so many great things, whether ATC, other aircrafts or just our beautiful planet.

Definitely a while back; FNF in the UK, flew in from HKG, and landed in LHR, loads of traffic, long line of planes waiting to Take Off, ATC was amazing, and the weather were just like the UK weather is, foggy. Amazing.

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omg I thought the exact same!

That would be a good feature if you don’t want to wait around for you to be able to land :P