What was your best flight?

My best flight had to be TNCM-KJFK on a Delta 757.
It was a birthday present so my dad got the firsts upgrade with me. Along with that, we diverted to KBOS where I sat with the pilots for a while. Overall, fun flight with a new airport involved!

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My best flight was from Seattle KSEA to Shanghai Pudong ZSPD on a Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-9 this summer.

It was like a 10 hr flight and I was fortunate enough to get a whole row to my self. I had a great view! The cabin crew was amazing! And I enjoyed every aspect of that flight ;)

My best flight was Emirates in Business Class on the A380. I was going from JFK to Milan and back. Another great flight was Virgin Atlantic in business class on the 787 from LHR to JFK. Great service and the seats are very comfortable (aside from the seats facing towards the aisle)

AKL-Sydney Emirates Business class!

Shannon- Boston business class

So far, the best flight I’ve ever taken is SQ962 (Singapore-Jakarta)

Why can I call this as my best flight? Despite a pretty unexpected and long delay due to bad weather in Singapore by then, but taking the A350 with the new 2013 economy cabin was worth with the delay. That was the first time I took an A350 with SIA’s new cabin. The meal was also nice (Not good, but not bad), with nice cabin crews. I’m looking forward to take one of SIA’s A350 again in the future.

I booked the flight a year before, for exact on September 2016. During Singapore Airlines Travel Fair in a known shopping mall in Jakarta with a pretty cheap fare, around $117 (Rp1,600,000,-) vice versa.

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My first overseas flight which was KATL (ATL) to EGCC (MAN). It was a good flight, and my first real life long haul.

For me, it was my first international flight a year ago. It was Qantas 16 on a 747-400ER (VH-OEI)! The flight was 14 hours and that feeling that I was on a 747 was just awesome! The meals Qantas had were really good and that was my first time out of the United States besides Mexico. When we landed in Brisbane, we only had 10 hours there before we flew a Qantas 737-800 to Auckland, so we immediately took the AirTrain to downtown Brisbane and it was so beautiful.


My best flight was on a BA A380 from LHR-HKG (BA31). The approach into Hong Kong was amazing as always, but the real highlight was visiting the cockpit and getting a sticker from the pilots that said ‘BA Future Pilot.’ It was awesome! The cabin crew were super nice as well.

I think RJTT-KLAX is my favourite

United 767
It was a beautiful view, it was my first on a 767, comfy (probably because of premium economy), Captians last flight, I happend to fall asleep right when they were doing Dessert,(WHY?!?!). The captain was very nice and high-fived me!

I think I’m flying air Mauritus’s New business clas on the A350 tommorow not 100% sure though


Give us a trip report if you do.

It’s either an a350 or an a340 I believe hopefully the a350 though

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Etihad retired their A340s fairly recently so it’ll be an A350!

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Just because Etihad retires an aircraft doesn’t mean that other airlines will.

I thought that said etihad lol. 😂

Etihad doesn’t have their A350s yet either

Lol I did that it sucked!

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My best flight was on the Etihad The Residence Class A380… oops sorry that was a dream. My actual best flight was Istanbul (LTFJ) to Dubai (OMDB) however comma, i don’t remember the airline. The flight was in a 787 and it was daytime and beautiful when you looked out the window. I had some games with me that i played with some of my family members and the flight was really great with a smooth landing and an early arrival. Oh and it was a vacation, i flew to many countries in Europe and Asia