What was the very first VA?

Can anyone tell me what the first VA was I would love to know:) because it would be a wonderful IF history lesson

Qantas Virtual Group I believe. They were founded just under 7 years ago. You can check out their thread here;

And their latest event here;


Uhh, certainly not.

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Flyswiss VA was the first official one but had been part of FlyBe, RAF and something else i think till we finally got accepted as FlySwiss. (They no longer exist)

W. Very first
It is kind of five or eight types of VA

Just to be clear, the OP is asking (I’m pretty sure) what the first VA for IF was, not what your first VA was.

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Qantas Virtual Group was the first official VA apart of Infinite Flight, as what @KaiM said.


Has there been an instance when the actual Airline contacted one of the VA’s and told them to shut down due to copyright reasons or anything?

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Yes, I know of one va. Mokulele.


I believe that NonStop had some issues with Lufthansa because they prohibited the reuse of the logo?

I know that DeltaVA has had contact with Delta IRL to check that it’s okay to use the name etc, which is why you should always be careful 😉


Oh wow!! Yeah, don’t wanna step on anyones toes!

We are unable to use the Lufthansa Logo or it’s name i think it is the same with Air New Zealand

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