What was the scariest landing you've ever experienced?

I’ll tell you my 2 scariest landings:

  1. 1st KATL approach: I was on the murdered airline of AirTran on a 737-700 when I came into ATL for the first time. The plane kept on dropping like if it was stalling. I was scared a bit.
  2. Reagan approach: The scariest landing of them all. Once again on the murdered airline of AirTran but on a 717 enroute from ATL- REA. It was night and turbulence kicked in. Next thing you know, we went inside a cloud. Then the light went of in the cabin. I was scared to death, but once we go through the clouds I was relived.

Now tell me your scary approach.

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My Scariest Landing when I Board a China Airlines A330 CGK-HKG . When we attempted to Landed on Hong Kong. The Plane was like… keep jumping and then flying into a Runway with Full of Giant Rocks. Glad That The Plane didn’t sank and ended on the Pearl River Delta lol

CGK (Cengkareng) Jakarta. It was a Transit Flight from CGK-HKG-TPE

LGA Runway 31

Coming in from Florida, you descend to a couple thousand feet over NJ. Once you pass over NJ, you parallel the edge of Staten Island. You continue across Brooklyn towards the Brooklyn/Queens border as if you’re going to land on Runway 04. You are continuing your descent Shortly after crossing the Brooklyn/Queens border, you make a sharp right turn that parallels you with the Long Island Expressway (I-495). Then once you get near Flushing, Queens, you make a sharp left turn while descending. You kind of parallel the Grand Central Parkway and then you go over the business district of Flushing (Main Street). Then as you pass Citi Field, you make another sharp left turn while still descending so if you’re sitting on the correct side of the aircraft you can look out your window and see straight down into the game. Then you straighten out and come in for a landing.

Crazy fun.

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A short field in a Porter, Animite Mountains, AhShaw Valley, RVN. Monsoon Season 1965. Max Sends

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Mine was on an old Turkish Airlines A320, landing at IST after a two hours flight from VCE.
Very hard landing and fast flare recovery: first we bumped with the main gear, and seconds after with nose gear. I thought I was on a rollercoaster.

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Landing at CLT on a USAir A321 at night with ceilings at about 500 (that is just an estimate) We bounced twice. I didn’t think we’d make it.

I was on a Delta 737-800 approach to fort lauder dale in florida and it felt like the plane kept dropping it was scarry

Every time on Spirit airlines was scary.

Once on landing at KLAX in a delta 737-700, the left wingtip touched the ground and scrapped for about 5 seconds before toppling back over onto the gear.

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FireFly ATR72 into a secondary airport near Kuala L (I think). Had to go through a thick layer of dense, dark cloud with severe turbulence. Couldn’t see a thing. Landing was basically slammed down on one wheel which wasn’t exactly safe before the other side sank sharply before the nose wheel touched. Pilot opened the window after we were walking past to the terminal and apologised to all of us haha. Not exactly a safe approach or landing at all but it was in a pretty small airport

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EGKK 2014. Ryanair 737-800. There was severe turbulence and wind on finals and short finals and rain didnt help either. Probably the strongest reverse thrust in my life. I swear he put about 50% power on it.

In FSX, may I ask, how much Rev thrust do you use?