What was the most extreme landing you have done?

You think that’s hard, try landing an A320 at Lukla!

Why not it’s infinite flight 😂😂😂

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Sadly you fall through the terrain, I’ve attempted to land on Mount Everest.


Have you done it? If you have, thats a fair effort!

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Yes, to be fair though, I had no passengers, no cargo, and barley enough fuel to land

Bruh i landed a 318 there

Landed an A380 at Lukla, was too low… The gear hit the edge and the plane bounced falling onto the ground inverted…


If you guys really want a challenge, try to land at ZUGU airport in China. 99.99% of you will fail ;)

Btw, the airport is still like this in Global. I think it’s fixed but the fixed version hasn’t been added to IF yet. ZUGU airport glitch


That looks like an airport on the roof of a hotel.


Flip. I spawned at that airport in live and I got a speeding violation because I fell through the runway -_- (and I was so close to grade 3!)

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