What was the luckiest thing that happened to you on a plane?

On my last trip (about 3 days ago) we were flying back from Miami on American Airlines, the problem was that my mom got my sister and I window seats, meaning that I would be sitting alone. But when I boarded the plane and sat at my seat, the other two seats were free! So for the next 4 1/2 hours, I had all those 3 seats to my self, talking advantage of every moment, taking all of the chairs to take a nap, and when the FA saw me sleeping, she didn’t care and picked up the trash in the seats! When I arrived back in Los Angeles I was as happy as a clam!

So what’s your story, let me know!


I didn’t have to sit next to my dad 😜


I was randomly assigned seat 8F on a Spirit flight.


I reached my destination.


Were you taking Ryanair?


When I was 17 I didn’t get ID’d for a beer on a British Airways flight haha


Economy to business class upgrades

Happens a lot but I have status so not surprised


One year ago, I flew back home from Los Angeles from Zurich on the SWISS 777-300ER. I didn’t feel very well. I got ill while being in Los Angeles.

The lucky part: Tea.

I love tea. I have like 30 different flavors at home (and I’m living on my own). Not only is it healthy and it tastes amazing, it also helps me when I’m feeling sick. And it seemed like I was the only person drinking tea on that flight. I stopped counting how many I had.

And no, Tea is not a code word for wine. Although, talking about me, that would seem very likely under other circumstances. Joke.


I was on a Lufthansa a321 from Munich to Frankfurt over the summer and the captain saw my peeking into the flight deck and let me inside! It was the first time I was allowed into a cockpit and it was amazing!


Got to hand out the candy. Then sit in the cockpit while we landed.


i once got a really good deal on first class with delta and then i something happened and i had to cancel but it was a false alarm so i rebooked on economy bc first was so expensive as it was last second and then a day before the trip the airline (delta) sent me the online check in email for the first class itinerary which was odd and when i got to the airport and checked in and it was confirmed i had two itineraries so i’m glad the first class one accidentally didn’t cancel
-edit i usually fly first class but as the rebooking was last minute it was too expensive that time


I was delayed due to maintanence issues and was meant to be flying on a A319, but when the replacement came it was an A320, so I ended up with a whole row (seats A-F) to myself, as due to the 30 or so extra seats, the other 5 people moved to sit somewhere else!

Also, another time I was taking a charter flight (roughly 6.5 hours). I had booked an economy ticket (row 6), and according to the seatmap on the website, rows 1-5 were business. However, when the plane turned up, rows 1-7 were business, so I ended up in business!


Mine is pretty lame. I got to get in the cockpit in Guam.

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Was on a 9hr flight from KMCO to LGW on a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 on the top floor and the flight was virtually empty and the flight attendants stuffed us with food, Also on the returning flight back home traveled at 718mph

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Mine happened at check-in. On my flight 15 hour+ light to New York, had a free upgrade to Business Class on SAA. It happens sometimes on domestic flights, but that one was a pleasure given the flight time.


On a Delta flight I was sitting in the midsection, and was offered by a random guy to sit in his first class seat so he could sit with his girlfriend.


Free upgrade from economy to domestic first (not great but it’s something) on Delta


Every time I have flown AA (6) expect once I was able to get into the cockpit.
How you ask? Well my friend taught me. You walk into the plane with a big smile and say “I wanna be a Pilot when I’m older could I take a peak in the flight deck? They always say sure and I get to talk to the pilots and take pictures. Sometimes they will give you like a special badge or patch that’s happened three times.


I traveled without parental supervision…


On a flight form Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, AirAsia A330, my family and I had a bit of a surprise. We had a friend that we knew in Bali and he was the Pilot of that flight, so we went and told the flight attendant that we knew the pilot, than we talked to him through the phone and he said they had 5 spare business class seats, so we took them as well as all the food we could eat.👌😂