What was the funniest moment that you have experienced in Infinite Flight?


Several funny things already happened to me in the infinite flight, but the most recent one was soon three bugs in 1 day only kkk 1 ° when I entered my plane started at the top and fell on the gate and gave crash kkk, the second time I entered happened to msm thing but did not crash while I was doing the route my friend I’m going to give pushback being that when he started the pushback the plane stayed in the air, I took a print and I started laughing kkk while I was setting up the airplane to start the pushback I looked to the corner of the cockpit and I saw a mini airplane flying under the ground kkkk was a 777, only it looked like a toy airplane doing maneuvers below the ground that is in the limbo KKKKK This day was certainly the funniest, so tell us about your funniest kkkk experience If you have a similar topic please let me know !!!

What is the funniest thing you did in IF

I think this would better be suited for this topic:

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I was thinking the same first, but not all stories are accompanied by a photo. This is okay, for now.


Definitely this. The most hilarious thing I’ve ever experienced in Infinite Flight. Not only was it a huge throwback to pre-global, it was also pretty accurate of how it used to be at KNUC.


Probably on casual when I was testing landings with no flaps in a 737-900 at KLAX at 200 knots and then seeing a grade one copying me. The thing is this guy had full flaps down in a A321 traveling at 210 knots so his aircraft was pitched down. I landed successfully while he hit nose first into the runway and then his aircraft bounced and did one of those weird half flips if you turn too sharply lol.


Training Server that’s all I got to say


Watching @Tom_Grollman crash 60% of the time everytime


Stand up comedy is casual server kkkkk

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Why do you put this? Not trying to be rude if it is a culture thing, just have never seen this before…


Also it woyld have to be anytime I flew at KLAX on causal, somthing dumb always happens…

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Here in Brazil we used to laugh at something quite funny !


Decided to stream a landing competition with 208s at 59CA, and an A380 comes in and floors me laughing.

Oh sorry if I offended anyone, I had never heard of thet bafore…😄


One for me was at London-Heathrow. I was on final in a Quantas 747-400, coming from Brisbane. On flights that long, you kind of want others to notice that this isn’t just a puddle-jumping flight from Paris in a jumbo jet. Of course, I wanted to stick the landing, as there was plenty of traffic waiting to depart, including none other than Laura and several mods. Everything was great: full flaps, perfect flare, etc. The audience was about to be wowed. The only problem was that my gear was up. A grade 5 skidding to a halt with no gear. I closed my iPad out of sheer embarrassment.


KNUC TS1 ‘nuff said…


Ohhh hell no. My IPad would be: RIP

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I can only imagine the embarresment lol. RIP


I am so so sorry for that

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UMMM if you had full flap it would say gear on your HUD🤨 unless you don’t use it you gotta teacher me to fly without the HUD 😂

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Couldn’t find a better place to post. I’ll just leave my Cessna Drifting skills here.

The airport/speedway is KSEF