What was the flight you were most proud of?

When SFO and LAX were seperated regions for non-pro users,
departed LAX heading northwest and soon cut throttle due to outside of region boundary. And literally SAILED to SFO and re-gained throttle. 🤪


Hey folks I’m thinking of doing a 9 hour flight today! Anyone got any recommendations?

Same, but on 787-9

KJFK to ZGGG in a China southern 787

KSFO-PHOG in the CRJ-700 I believe, it’s been a few years. Why? Because I ran out of fuel and had to glide in

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For me, definitely a flight i did in like 2018 - KLAX to KSFO, without a Pro sub, back when those were still two separate regions.
Unlike @Suungx2 who did it fair game, i found a sort of glitch/ exploit, which gave me a constant slow forward acceleration. Climbed to cruise, exited the region and managed to maintain speed until i entered SFO region, and landed normally - i even have a timelapse-recording of it, anyone remember when IF had those?
If only i had thought of it, i could have tried KLAX-EHAM!

Alternatively, LIRF-KIAD, my ever first long haul flight!

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Mine was flying 15 routes non stop


Fort Lauderdale to Singapore - 18hrs long haul and I turned around too that same day

Mine was Dallas Fort Worth-Dubai.

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That’s always a fun flight

Probably today, LIH-HNL, now that I see it was live streamed. @Dan will have to rate my G/A though.