What was the flight that made you Grade 3 in Infinite Flight?

Let’s share some memories, you need to tell the flight (Departure - Destination) , the airplane and if it was an airliner, the airline you flew, and a satellite picture of the arrival area.
Let’s share the very last flight that moved you from Grade 2 to Grade 3 so you gained access to Expert Server.

You need to tell
1) Departure - Destination
2) Aircraft you flew
3) If it’s an airliner, the airline name
4) Satelite image of the arrival area.
5) And your comments

Mine was a pattern work in Piper Supercub X, in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The runway is located next to a river full of crocodiles and there’s a small nice village around. It was a cool evening with mild wind.
I did a couple of landings and while flying I got distracted by something in the home and found myself diving onto the runway, I saved the plane at the last moment from crashing, it was easier to turn otherwise and I ended up flying upside down. Then fixed my approach later on and landed.

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Casual Server trolling.


For me it was:

Airlines :American Airlines

Number: AA345

Route : KSLC to KDFW

Aircraft: A321-200

So that’s was the last landing before reaching Grade 3 . After that 2 hour flight, the decent began and i was so happy. When I land i was trying to butter that landing (that’s was not the case → -290 fpm), so i exit the runway and parked at one of the gates, finalized the flight and see the grade 3 under my username. I was so happy to access the ES , and so i celebrate it with my dog and i drink a coca cola.

That’s how I reached grade 3 .

Hope you enjoy my little history.


Amsterdam - Los Angeles
777-300 orange pride livery

After this flight i had all requirements for grade 3!!! Also i made a nice butter landing in KLAX
I never forget that flight!

PnG became Grade 3 by flying through planes? Not surprising tbh.


Athens LGAV to Miami KMIA
Aircraft : A339 (A330-900neo)
Livery: Airbus Manufacturer (no idea why)

Very underpowered aircraft, arrived with 6% fuel…at least I made it, flying 11 hours and got to Grade 3!

Yeah, that was the flight that reached the XP requirement, to reach Grade 3 I did reckless patterns at Tokyo Haneda then the last pattern in Keflavik Reykjavik.


Personally, I can’t remember but it was probably patterns at LAX on casual

Of course I did! Were you expecting me to have a cool story of a flight done to perfection or something along those lines? 🤮

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Honestly, I was expecting the actual answer, having seen your flying skills

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Well let me put it this way. I have had a lot of these flights in my past

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grinding landings on a Cessna 172 at Tokyo Haneda airport…

I don’t remember my grade 2 to 3 flight but my first expert server flight was a Thai Airways A350-900 flight between WSSS - VTBS

I think mine was on a Boeing 737-700 or 737-800. Used to use landing aids until I think grade 3. And I forgot the airline

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