What was the first topic YOU created?

Mine was just a complaint about being ghosted for no reason lmao

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Oh no…


Um very recently because I’m scared of being flagged or closed 😂
SoCal Warbirds Memorial Day Flyover (KSNA)

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Don’t be :) No one in here bites.


I have not made many topics, most were just for support in #live. My first (and my favorite) real topic was Just a little inspiration, which I made 2 months ago.

I created my first topic today and it is still being reviewed by the moderators😊

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Wow, you are making me think back.

It was a feature request for G effects in IF, but sadly it didn’t get much love at the time for votes. Maybe things have changed now.

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A classic first topic, ghosted for no reason 😅

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I have a question! What was the first post on the IFC made by a member of the community? Like a regular use, not s staff member. I know it isn’t exactly on topic but fits in enough, I think, that it isn’t worth making a whole topic.

Here’s mine,

Oh boy… I really wish I hadn’t found this topic 😅

I posted a single and edited pic I took :)

2016, around the time when I joined

This is my first.

This was fun to see. The original title was definitely something.

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The first one I made was a poll because I was trigger-happy poster who didn’t understand what were the rules.

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You TOTALLY followed the rules to that topic. Mine got closed BC I had the hud open, like yours. I’m surprised yours is still open.

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I have only made one topic so here it is:

Make sure to vote for it!

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