What was the first airline advertisement on TV?

Hey Community, today I’d just like to ask a simple question: what was the first Airline to advertise flights on tv? I searched everywhere through google ad I can’t fins it, any help would be good 😉

I think mine was LOT polish Airlines’ one.

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No, I mean like the first one in general, not the first one you saw 😄😉

Google or any internet browser search bar is your friend. No need for this 😉

I’d like to know, because as I stated, I searched and searched, nothing showed up 😐

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I’m also searching to see if it will show up. But it’s coming out with direct answers.
Edit: I am looking and found the first commercial flight here’s the link. But I still cant find that first commercial.
@Aussie_Wombat are you looking for the first ad airline ad that appeared on TV or just the first one in all.


Western Air Express TV commercial.


Cool! Thank you so much.

@Aussie_Wombat hence the reasoning why I meant what I said in my first comment. You had a legitimate question about aviation and then the jokes start rolling in. I think Andrew missed something in your request “first airline tv commercial”

Start your research with Western Air Express.

Kind Regards, Chris


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