What was the first aircraft you flew (on IF)?

I flew a DHL 757, cant remember where from or where I was going to go.

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Probably the 737-800 or something. It was the 787-9, 737-800, 747-400, C-17, or A321-200.

If I missed any other of thr original unanimated airliners/airlifters then I could’ve flown those too

The Cessna of course! Can you imagine a pilot starting it’s training on an A380 or a B777? 😅

I started on the Cessna to take some experience with IF. I then moved on the A321, the B737, the 744 and finally the 772.


I started on the Airbus a380 generic livery i had absoluteley no idea what i was doing

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I started on the a380 British airways Eham to Ehle I had no idea what I was doing. A few days ago I re-did the flight and thought ‘that was easy!’

A321 from KSFO-KHAF and vice versa to get my Xp up and running

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BTW - More info on the UPS VA on the new topic I started.

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Off course I want to sign up do I email you or what’s the story

email - upsifva@outlook.com


Got it thanks

Dont worry 'bout it! Tell your friends!

Sure will just sent in my résumé hope you accept

Thank you! You like the website?

It was the 737-700 for me :)

I do indeed is that the pilots from the EDDF-KLAX flight with Lufthansa 456 on the Boeing 747-400

Why yes…yes it is!

No just wondering

Boeing 787-9.

Cessna 172 in takeoff tutorial, I have no idea what plane I flew after that.