What Was The First Aircraft You Ever Flew On?

You don’t even want to know how many 737’s I’ve flown on… And the only other aircraft besides 737s were ERJ-145s and crj-700 (however I love flying in the 737-900)

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Same here. So many southwest 737’s. Definitely a good airline tho

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;( I have never even flown with southwest before

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Lol. I’ve flown on MD-82s, A320s, B777s, B737s, CRJs.

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Nice interesting md82


Only flown on United and southwest and I like southwest far better

Probably a 737, I have no idea 🤔

When I was 2, either an American 777 (unsure of variant), or a JetBlue A320.

After a great deal of searching, tears, and perplexed parents, I’ve narrowed it down to either Canadian Airlines or Air Canada. I still, to this day have no clue.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800

Tower Air B747-200 from SJU- JFK in 99’
Out of service long time ago.

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Some Continental Express plane. Probably ERJ 145.

PGUM-PHNL Continental DC-10. My parents told me this

qantas 767 YMML-YSSY

First Ever Flight:
Privately owned Beechcraft Baron 58

First commercial flight:
Southwest Boeing 737
Norfolk, Virginia to Chicago, Michigan

lol, was ur mum or dad a pilot

Mine was the 737-900ER cool right?! My Second flight was with the 777-300ER cool right?! It’s sad Airbus is my best but never have I’ve been on one who knows, maybe my flight on an Airbus would be me flying it.

Cathay 744 to Tokyo or their 772 to BKK

Lol! Okay that’s Cool!