What Was The First Aircraft You Ever Flew On?

Hey guys just curious :P what was the first ever plane you flew on i know mine was a 747-400 we were flying from Dubai to Hong Kong! I can barely remember anything but i remember some :)

Comment below your first ever flight!


Dash8-Q300 YFC - YUL

A A330-300…Man I had no idea what was going on. EgyptAir JFK-Cairo

Nice flight! I have never been on a dash 8 unfortunately 😔

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It was Air Canada Express BTW

Nice! I fly on the a330 now and then nice aircraft

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Copa Airlines Boeing 737-700 PTY-MIA

Nice I like cops airlines btw it reminds me of united in a way lol 😄

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I think it was either a 777 or a 744

Airbus A320-232
Air New Zealand

JetBlue E190 - BOS to MCO

The mighty Cessna 172 over the San Francisco Bay.

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Can’t remember… Do you when you are 3 months?

Lol not really :P I was only 2 lol

Nice! I have never flown with jet blue

The legroom is amazing. 👌

Nice most airlines have really tiny legroom like Emirates

British Airways 757

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Boring Southwest Boeing 737-700 (boring cause that’s just about all I’ve ever flown in):(

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Lol what so bad about that