What was the first Aircraft you bought in IF

The A380 is free

777-200. Then was ERJ190

It seems like the 77W, the E190 and A340 are popular ones.

The A318. :)

I think mine was the a330

My first aircraft I bought was the 737-800!!!

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Same with me…

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Probably the A346 because i love A340s
Then A330 because of Swiss livery

Bought the 77W and 757/67 first

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My first ever aircraft I bought was the Embraer 170, right after I purchased IF.

It was also the first ever aircraft I flew in Live, after I bought a subscription.

Mine was the 747-8i, followed by the 737 or 777 I think.

The Boeing 737-800

The B757 like 3yrs ago.

I never bought any but the first one I downloaded was the A380.

Yeah, you got live+ :P

It was about a year ago, I think it was a 77F.

I’d have thought you’d have gone for the 767 first :)

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That’s why I said “I think”. I got one shortly after the other, I just can’t remember which one.

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4 years is a long time ;)

For me, it was the A340-600 :)