What was the first Aircraft you bought in IF

Is it bad that I have no idea

The first aircraft I bought was the 777-300ER. Amazing aircraft!

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767-300 Great Aircraft

737-800 Because the EL AL

It was so long ago I can’t remember xD

But, I think it was the E-190. I could be wrong.

B777-300ER was the first I bought, back in 2014

My first purchase was the 757-200 because my dad flys them for UPS.

I bought the 737-800.

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The dash 8 cockpit is very well done, but sadly has no live displays.

The first was the A346

Airbus A330

That was my first and only. Live + -wink-

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But my first was the A340-600.

My first was the 777-300ER, and i flew it all the dang time. I bought it before I even had live I think. :)

I bought Live+ has my first aircrafts.

Mine was the 767.
Only because of the LAN livery. It was like in 2014

Wow, I think it was one of the 73’s I got first since that was my favorite aircraft.

I’ve bought the 737-800. Just because of the norwegian livery.

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When I bought my first planes the 737-800 and 900 didn’t exist in IF.
Not even live existed