What was the first aircraft in which you flew?

This is basically the same topic @MugenR made but in the right category. So what is the first aircraft you flew in. Mine is the jet2 Manchester 737-300. I did not care much for planes back then but my parents took a picture of it and I was able to identify it about a week ago.


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Did Jet2 have 733’s? Never knew that!

B757 Monarch for me.

Still do just very little.

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Song 757. Also the biggest plane I’ve ever been in. Unfortunately I was only 3 at the time so I had no idea what it was and so I couldn’t appreciate the moment.

Back in 2008, I took a Mandala Boeing 737-400 to Surabaya. I loved the plane on first sight!


Credits to NYC Aviation

Unfortunately, the airline is no longer exists today

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B737-800 Turkish Airlines. AMS-IST. The food was delicious 😋.

I thought the first one I was one was an animal apparently.

The first plane I ever flew on was the mighty A321 with British Airways! It was a very new one with lovely leather seats!

Credit: https://www.aeroinside.com/item/8601/british-airways-a321-at-london-on-jul-18th-2016-near-collision-with-a-drone

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Back in 2003 my first flight was on a BA 747 to London

My first aircraft I flown on was the American Airlines Boeing 757-200.

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I’ve flown too many times to remember my first.
EDIT: I don’t remember what plane or airline but I do not that when I was 6 weeks old, I flew to New York.


Mine was a KC-10 rotater from Travis-Honolulu-Guam, circa late 2003. First commercial was a year later, Honolulu to LA in a Northwest DC-10.


How was the first plane you flew on a KC 10

Mcdonell Douglas MD88 Aviaco airlines

I’m pretty sure that my first flight was in a 777-300ER from Paris to Hong Kong when I was 8 month old.

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The first plane I flew in was a Boeing 737-700 of Copa Airlines, from Panama to Miami.