What was the closest you ever got to deleting IF?

What was the closest you ever got to delete if IF? Why? For me, when I first got IF, I had no idea you could change the graphics settings. The videos on the App Store were really high quality, but the planes weren’t for some reason. I was quite frustrated until I found that you could change the graphics settings. I haven’t even been close ever since!


Ummmm if I’m being honest, when I can’t fly anything over 3 hours without risking a crash…


My whole app crashed before I landed on a project sunrise flight


I deleted it once. To fix a bug that I had with the A330. 😂
I reinstalled, the problem was fixed, and I’ve never gotten close to deleting IF ever again.


I’ve deleted IF multiple times, but mostly just to update the app


I’ve deleted IF who knows how many times. I can fly for a few months max before I get bored, look at settings to see why my available storage has gone down, and delete it until I get interested again.

So I guess that’s my closest? I’ve never deleted it or thought of deleting it otherwise other than to fix bugs


I reinstalled the app to fix an issue.

That’s as close as I’ve gotten!

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When I had a Galaxy S7, my app used to crash every time if I did flights 4 hours or longer. I got all the help needed on IFC, but unfortuantley my last thing to fix it was a factory reset, which I could not do because of other personal data. So I decided to upgrade to S9 and I am happy with this device right now as IF is working perfectly!

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When I got reported two years ago. But then I thought about how caring and amazing the community was so I was like ahh I’ll just have to deal with a week on Training.


Most likely it was a couple years ago when i was getting reported for taxiing to the wrong runway because the Navaid was on top of 17R making me thing it was 7R.

After 5 days i finally got the devs to remove it.

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The first and only time I got reported was bc the navid was blocking the runway. I didn’t have ifc back then so idk I could reverse it. Lol

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It’s the exact same way for me 😂

As a matter of fact, I deleted it this morning to fix a bug. Good news is it was fixed :)

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I deleted IF until the 20.1 update because it takes up 12gb on my phone.

One time I was flying from London to Iceland it was like a 4 hour flight I was new back then so I wasn’t the best. As I was landing it was the smoothest landing I ever did like really smooth on the a330 and then I accidentally pulled my nose up and I crashed.

Closest I’ve been was actually deleting it to free up space as I really didn’t play this game from the end of 2018 up to late winter/early spring 2020.

There was one time where I was through a lot things and it was quite hard for me. One time where my IFATC training got terminated, and I got quite emotional and just wanted to quit IF, but I got a 2nd chance and I tried my best. Frankly it’s going much better and close getting into IFATC.

I was descending into Equitorial Guinea and I accidentally disabled the autopilot button which caused my plane to dive straight down and I couldn’t gain much control of it so I had to end the flight after such a long journey.

Getting cut off on short final. During FNF. With 30 arrivals in the airspace.


I’ve deleted if a few times to reset the storage it takes because at a few point it was taking up 12GB of my hard drive