What was the biggest aviation mistake you saw on TV?

Asiana 214: image
How this managed to make its way to the news is beyond me…


All the 737 MAX productions vids :(

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Holy moly, that’s one hell of a comment 😂

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Who can forget the word “TARMAC”


sorry for the 4k image

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Umm, the word tarmac. Also, showing the A321 and talking about Boeing.

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Flight radar is showing a CRJ-200 crossing the Atlantic

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That’s impossible lol

Ye- nah, that didn’t happen

why was my post flagged it was talking about the picture of the asiana 214 thing.

Hmmm it was flagged?

so THe PLAnE TaXI On tO THe TArmaC

tarmac. enough said.

also this

tarmac, tarmac and tarmac.


On the jet blue landing gear news… the reporter said runway 25 left and not 2-5 left (supposed to be read out as two five left)… haha although maybe for some people not a big deal

and they said runway 25L is the longest runway at LAX…

Video: JetBlue Landing Gear Failure at LAX [HD][Part 2] - YouTube

Doing an Air France 777 pilot in flight interview and showing an A320 landing as his landing…

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So the Boeing 737 Jumbo Max 8 are all grounded at Boeing fields Tarmac

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