What was the best and worst parts about ur first ever flight? (Flight must have been landed for it to count)

Hey guys! Today I’m asking the question, what was the best and worst parts about ur first ever flight? My best was that I managed to figure out how to use the nav feature (it’s hard to belive but for any new users out there, we didnt have lnav OR vnav until June of 2020!) After 20 mins 😅 and the worst, well emm let’s just say, I kinda missed the airport and taxied on the grass to the airport (egll), it was a real casual server move 🤣🤣🤣 share ur answers below!


This is also not a duplicate I just checked!🥳

Worst Part: I crashed awfully.

Best Part: It was the beginning of a long and exciting journey.


Best part: I learned how to crash
Worst part: I crashed


Bouncing the beauty with 200kts onto the runway on landing and singing bounce bounce baby.

worst ever:
Stalling out right before the runway at Madeira airport hitting the wall right below the runway.

love it.



The best part was to finaly experience global and live server
And the worst part was the takeoff and landing

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Great replies guys!

Best part: completed full LAX-SFO route
Worst part: Don’t know the correct cruise altitude as well as when to descend, and a terrible landing

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I did not even knew what’s NAV. I flew from LDZA to EDDF with easyJet A320.

best part: flying over swiss alps
worst part: landing the baby at 230kts


Best part… is yet to come!
The worst part… flying in live server going into ATC territory and being reprimanded by like everyone around me… lol. Calling a wrong audible … but it was also the best flight ever!

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Best part: Learning to fly and taxi
Worst part: Making the worst landing ever (I didn’t account for speed) and ending up way off the runway.

Best part: Taking off from KNUC with 30 other aircraft landing in KLAX

Worst part: The traffic for sure

Thanks for all the replies guys! We can defo say IFATC wouldent be happy with these flights 🤣

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No haha I went the wrong way to the runway did a 180 taxied back went underneath an a380 and took off next to a A320 in my Lil 208


Good one!!! Bravo!!

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