What was a Travel Service Airlines (TSA) 737 doing in Milwaukee?

My friend recently came back from a golf trip in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he told me that while he was at the airport, he saw an airline at a gate that he had never seen before: TSA. We looked up the airline, and found that it was a Czech charter airline, but did not, and has never operated to the US- let alone Milwaukee. Does anyone have any idea on what this plane was doing there?
Thanks for the input

Maybe a delivery flight?

The plane was probably doing a lease for a US airline would be my guess Sun Country Airlines. There a few 737s that are painted in foreign airlines that operate for sun country


When was this? I am in MKE

It was a couple weeks ago

Don’t they use Transavia planes though?

Is there a picture of what it looks like?

He didn’t get one himself, but here’s one:

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That is travel services aircraft! They do charter flights for Apple vacations from MKE to various warm destinations like Cancun, Montego Bay, etc.

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They also serve Rockford Illinois as well


But why are they based in the Czech Republic?

Also, why does their Wikipedia page say they have no destinations in the Americas

Wikipedia lies because their in America 😂


Because travel service is a charter airline and it’s based in Czech Republic, but the planes are leased to other airlines and they keep the colors

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Lmao 😂

Yah they do. Was just thinking maybe this could be one of them as well


Travel Service is a Czech airline. They just charter in the US. Norwiegen airlines did the same thing last year for MKE

From research, I have found that there were 4 Travel Service 737-800s were operating out of MKE from a few days before Christmas to about a week ago. These planes were operating for Swift Air, a Phoenix AZ based company who operate charter and holiday flights out of the USA.

The registrations of the aircraft were:

All have been returned to Travel Service and are now operating for other airlines.

Fun Fact: The parent company of Travel Service is the Icelandair group, who also own Bluebird Nordic and SmartLynx Airlines.

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I wonder that every time I am there. That is my home international airport and I see it quite often

Also Wikipedia pages can be made by random people