What Virtual Airlines Would You Like to See in IF?

There’s already a United.

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Spirit VA is going to be awesome!

Sun Country wink wink @DeltaCRJ-900


I don’t think it would be possible to do that. I was already planning on doing that but when I reached out to the real JetBlue they politely requested that I don’t create a JetBlue VA.

There is a JetBlue, they are simply waiting until Global is released to make their big return to the forums.

Ok, I just think they should reach out to the real jetBlue and make sure it’s ok with them just in case.

Idk if there is one already but I would love to see a Caribbean Airlines Virtual.

This is the FSX Version.

Talk to Christopher Mouridian on Facebook for an invite to Norweigan Virtual.

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Alaska Virtual is back I revamped it, and I’m also including Virgin America due to the merger soon. Check us out!

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What I would like to see are smaller VAs, like croatian operating the dash and a319 or AirBerlin with the dash and 319 and 737


Or even ACJ and BBJ. I understand that they’re not really ‘airlines’ but it would be cool to see some Business Jet VA’s.


You’d have to reach out if you were using just JetBlue’s name, I believe. If that’s not the case, than many of these airlines are breaking those policies

Like @Puncakes said, Sun Country VA!

I like Qatar Virtual Airlines.

Don’t worry. It’s coming soon! ;)

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Hawaiian would be pretty cool

There already is one! I recommend you check out NetJets Virtual. They fly the aircraft you mentioned and a few more.

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Made that reply before I looked. I’m I formed now lol.


really would love to have seen a good Emirates VA for IF. Its a shame the last one ‘crashed and burned’ before it got started!

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