What Virtual Airlines Would You Like to See in IF?

Wizz air would be amazing And LOT Polish airlines

I am still on thought tracking of it.

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IFVARB said that if it says construction that one won’t be created anymore and will be force to shut down and emirates is shut down and can’t be created ask Neo

Making Emirates is a bad idea, only 3 types of aircraft in their fleet on IF.

Virgin America

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Virgin America is part of the new Alaska Air Group Virtual

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Except InFly Airlines Group ;-)

This topic isn’t in the correct category :/

Making emirates is not a bad idea because at least they got 3 fleets in if but like frontier they only got one plane.

Guys, guys. I’m honored but you don’t have to dedicate a VA to me🙄

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Good one neo 😂

Aeromexico, if it isn’t already taken I might start that up myself

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Contact neo or any IFVARB to check if it’s taken it not

I’ve flown on that aircraft with that airline

I would like to see all the members of oneworld alliance that aren’t already on here.

And subsequently the obvious that follows such a request, a oneworld livery for all member airlines. Devs, hint hint.

Im yet to see Caribbean Airlines.

It’s because it’s a long haul VA. so would be very unrealistic at the moment.

O, I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me!

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Number of aircraft in a fleet dosent make a VA great or not. It’s all about having a well managed team and realistic enjoyable routes.


Garuda Indonesia

u are right :)

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