What virtual airline would you like to see?

Hey, IFC, I am currently deciding between two VA’s I want to start, I wanted to know which VA people would be more interested in. If you decide to vote, I would be very thankful if you could drop a comment about why you’d rather see that Virtual Airline. Thank You everyone for the help.

  • Philippine Virtual

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*By the way folks I do know that LATAM is a banned name, I have a name that isn’t copyrighted.

Philippine Virtual

There is a problem with LATAM

LATAM Virtual was banned some time ago, and currently, @FlyUnlimited is LATAM but with other name

LATAM is on the list of banned virtual airlines, due to copyright issues. A VO based off of LATAM would be cool, though! Maybe a second generation of FlyUnlimited. 🙂

I believe Fly Unlimited shutdown.


Fly Unlimited is no more

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Yes I do know that I already have a backup name.




Amazing idea lol

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If you could do both then that would be a treat! Guess why? WestJet codeshares real world with both these airlines ;)

Best of luck on either VA you choose. If you pass approval in IFVARB don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you start your journey in the world of running a VA.


I think I’ll say a DHL virtual is needed. We don’t have many cargo VAs anymore. They have a ton of flights around the world.


Alright genuinely a big brain question here:
Why does having a LATAM VA violate copyright, and yet having their liveries in our game doesn’t?🤔

One way or another (I presume money), Infinite Flight is granted permission to recreate select airline liveries. All airlines (or any company for that matter) have the right to reject the use of their property without legal licensing, which is why select VAs have been shut down.

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I’d like to thank everyone who voted.

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