What virtual airline should I join

Yes not sure on the link tho

There’s not due to copyright issues.
Non Stop Virtual is inspired by Lufthansa though.

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Hi @anon45500775, I would personally recommend Etihad Airways Virtual. We have 15+ codeshare choices giving you a wide range of liveries to choose from. With over 2000 routes, we fly to all 6 continents around the globe! Feel free to visit our website etihadva-if.weebly.com, check out our routemap, fleet and fill out the application form. We would love to have you :)

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Guys, just because your under the age requirement doesnt mean you cant join. If you show some maturity in the application, they’ll let you in👍

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Hey although we aren’t called Lufthansa VA we operate and mimic all Lufthansa Operations as @Nono45_FR has kindly done please have a look through are thread


To be honest with you @anon45500775, pick the one that has a fleet you like, short haul or long haul, cargo.
If you pick one that it’s in your region, great!
You’re mostly have people who are on your timezone, in the same country as you.
And ask yourself : Will I be available?
Check their activity requirements.

I’d recommend AFKLM if you like have a large fleet, great chatting and a great overall experience.

If you like military, ranks, squadrons and a large military fleet, I’d recommend IFAE-GAF.

Good day.

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Recommend BAVA very friendly and have great routes and you have to be 12 years and over


I recomend Norwegian Virtual

I recommend @AmericanVirtual and a charter service that is still in the works 💯 %
Try and decode this one

National Charter Service VA

I’d suggest ASVA. New, growing, events constantly, hundreds of routes and codeshare flights around the world and people who share the same liking in aviation and IFVARB approved. At ASVA I think we’ve kinda turned into a family and help each other. I suggest ASVA 💯

What is ASVA

ASVA is Alaska virtual

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Got ya @infiniteflight_17

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It’s called Non-Stop Virtual but operates the Lufthansa fleet!


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Unfortunately, at least for Delta Virtual, that is incorrect. We have a strict age policy that we are not afraid to enforce. We welcome everyone 15+ into the VA, assuming they’re Grade 3+ and pass our test, and if you’re not 15, we’d be happy to have you once you are.

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But I got accepted and I was under 15 at the time! i also had to leave so rip

It could have been before the age policy was implemented.

It wasn’t, at least I dont think so. I put my correct age in the application and I was accepted. Anyways not such a big deal so let’s move on

:( well that’s 2 years

What’s your grade and hours?