What violations are there?

I’m not really an experienced pilot, and I mostly fly in the Casual server. Before trying the Training and Expert servers I’m pretty darn concerned I might get a violation. I know there is a speed violation under 10,000 ft, but thats it. Can anyone tell me all the ways i can get a violation and hopefully some dos and donts. Thanks!
I dont think there is a similar post, but if there is please let me know.


This might help you! These apply to both Training and Expert Server

In addition to the above, you can also get ‘ghosted’ on Expert Server, this is that an IFATC may report you for any behaviour where you interfere with other traffic such as landing on the wrong runway, ignoring ATC instructions etc…


thanks! it helps a lot

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No problem, if you are new and gaining experience i would highly recommend having a look through the #tutorials category and get to grips with understanding ATC and Flying so you know what to expect, and what is expected from you as a pilot

It’ll make for a more enjoyable, and relaxing experience!

The community is here to help so any questions just search or ask

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