What VA's can I join?

What VAs can I join?
I only have solo so…

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look up Virtual Airlines Database


Hi Easy Jet Virtual does not require LIVE

There is also Southwest Virtual

Pm me to join them if you want

A wealth of VAs here, no need for advertising! :)

Only have Solo? No group flights for you then :P


Hey! Check this topic:


Hi, Qantas Virtual is one of the biggest and major VAs in Infinite Flight. We support hundreds of pilots!

For more information visit our website or register today at:


Dream Airways is still recruiting :)

If you’d like to join [TravelSky] (http://travelskyif.weebly.com), we are one of the oldest VA’s there are! Feel free to join us or any VA out there, there’s no best VA! Just the one that fits you best. Remember to pick the one that you like, not what others tel you. I personally recommend [TravelSky] (http://TravelSkyif.weebly.com), their staff is friendly, along with all their pilots! Look forward to seeing you in the sky!

I’ll join travel sky

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Doesn’t travelsky need a valid LIVE subscription?

Oh nvm then

Live is only five dollars, so if you get the money, remember us! Your always welcome to join us, but who ever you do join, have fun! Also, we let you join other VA’s when your apart of us, so you can have another VA and us!

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Aeromexico is recruiting! I don’t think we are on the database yet, but our website is www.aeromexicova.weebly.com

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You can join my airlines just finished the website my airline name is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
link here http://thestatueofgaming.wix.com/flyklmva

Nice thats why i hire you

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is recruiting! I don’t think w are on the database yet, but visit our website at http://thestatueofgaming.wix.com/flyklmva

What happened to American?

It still exists but they don’t really talk just check the database for American airlines

just check the database for American airlines but they don’t really talk

Yea the link is doesn’t work.