What VAs are available?

Hey, so can somebody link me what VAS are available to make, commercial airlines. Because I’m thinking about making a VA.

Full list is here.


Thank you @TaipeiGuru! Will take a look 🙂

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Also make sure to check the prospective VAs too, they are the ones awaiting approval!

You can also just go through #live:va to see which you like.

Maybe an Airbus Demo Group or something. I don’t know. It might be interesting.

If you are looking for an airline to create that isnt already created or reserved you can also check the website here.

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There are a lot of Asian airlines missing

Some of them may be blacklisted for copyright or just haven’t been created by anyone at the moment. That’s what great about the IFVARB process is that you can build your VA from the ground up. :)

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