What VA's are Active, Inactive, or Closed?

Hello everyone. Recently I have run into some issues with Joining a VA. Over these past two weeks I applied to three separate VA’s American, United, and Delta VA’s. only applying for the next VA, when I was sure I wasn’t going to hear back from that VA. At this point I would like mention that I am grade three, with a higher number flight hours for my grade as well as next to none violations. So I have already ruled out that it is not because my application theses VA’s did not respond. Come to today, I found out that each of the aforementioned VA’s are either closed till a unknown date or inactive as far I know. We now come to my question, does anyone know what VA’s are active, inactive or closed?


You can look at the IFVARB threads of all the active VAs

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There is a difference between active and actively accepting applications. Some VAs and VOs have a set pilot threshold and as spots come available they may have an open application process or pull from a waiting list.


Some of the currently active VAs in the IFC can be found here:

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You can find the active VA’s here:

Thank you for mentioning this list. I did in fact use it to find two of the VA’s listed in my original post, Delta and United VA’s. The United VA is inactive and I think the Delta VA is as well.

That is a very good point to make. But the question that spawned this post was regarding VA’s that were either closed till an undisclosed date or as far as I know completely inactive.

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I’ll do some enlightening regarding Delta Virtual.

Currently, there is a wait-list to join Delta Virtual. Once spots become available, their recruitment manager will PM you with a link to join. As far as I know, @mwe2187 and his crew at DLVA are constantly monitoring pilot activity and are actively removing inactive pilots, and so, it shouldn’t take too long to get accepted.

As mentioned above, this is the link to the VARB Database: The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database

If they do not respond in a timely manner, your best bet is to PM the CEO or their Recruitment Manager. If that works to no avail, I’d suggest you can safely say that VA is inactive.


We are accepting pilots here at FedEx express VA.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I am currently already in the FedEx VA. :) Great VA but I would like to join a passenger VA.

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Have a look at the database and reach out to VAs and VOs that might be a good fit for you. It never hurts to ask if pilot positions are available. If anyone gives you a hard time about joining a VA feel free to contact an admin from IFVARB.