What VA's allow the TBM930 as part of their fleet?

I love flying the new TBM930 and wonder what VA’s allow this in their fleet.

I know any General Aviation VA , and most VO’s

EJC has TBMs in our fleet

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I am sorry I should know this but what VA is EJC?

So does IFGAC (Infininite Flight General Aviation Club) and TFC(Tailwinds Flying Club) (TFC is all Aircraft in IF based)

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Most of the VAs have added the TBM in their fleet… I dont know if I’m allowed say names so I’ll leave it at that.

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Quite a few VAs have added the TBM930 to their fleet (some VAs added it in the name of realism and some just added it because it’s a newly released aircraft). If you’re looking for a VO primarily focused on GA Aircraft like the TBM, I’d recommend the IFGAC. More info can be found here.

I also recommend taking a peek into the VARB database to see which other VAs and VOs might’ve incorporated the aircraft into their fleet.


Thank you all for the helpful info - I appreciate it

Find Infinite flight general aviation club thats a TBM based VO which I’m in

Coporate virtual but it’s not been applied to be official yet.

UPSVA operates the TBM as part of their corporate fleet.

Just waiting for tl2. I have the right stats but just havent reached it yet.

Thanks - never would have thought to look here - unfortunately, I am not at level 3 yet. Still working towards that - good to know once I reach level 3

Executive jet charter

Alright gentlemen. This is not the place to advertise your VA. That’s why we have the VARB database. It’s been linked above.


Didnt advertise just said it was going to use it.

I know that Qantas Virtual has the TBM in its fleet. You don’t need to go by the Qantas schedule and can fly wherever you want.

It’s funny to see people trying to circumvent this by dropping names but not linking anything lol (not aimed at anyone in particular).

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Hi @John82088 as of right now Alitalia Virtual has the TBM as our official training aircraft and also to do scenic regional charters! ;)