What updates do you hope to see this year on IF?

Yeah right ✅

  • Austrian Airlines 787-9 Livery
  • Austrian Airlines A320 newer livery and modernisation of A321-200 livery.
  • KLM 737-800 and modernising the 737-900 / 777-200 to its newer livery
  • Brussel Airlines A320 New Livery
  • Scimitar winglets on 737-800 for Ryanair / Transavia / Qantas / Virgin Australia / Jet 2
  • WestJet new livery on 737-800

I think he could be referencing to more detailed liveries or Southwest 1. Not that I’d expect that to be added but hey it would be pretty cool!

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The 777 on infinite flight is really popular but it needs working

It has many problems like flaperons not working and many more

MAX. Hbdhbhxn

Cessna C208.
737 MAX.
All functioning doors on 737 family, and A318, A319, A320 & A321 series.
Air ramp that parks next to the CRJ after the boarding door opens.
A gang plank that deploys from the jetbridge after the CRJ boarding door opens.
Tire smoke.
Engine exhaust smoke.
ILS at commercial airports.
Option to determine which jetbridge(s) connect to the L1 and L2 doors.


I don’t think the devs can do all of this within 5 months with the exception of the Max and C208 which they are working on

Not quite sure what this is about…


oh okay good so i wasn’t the only one who was confused by this.

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Toga And A rethinked autopilot

Me too, I would love this

I like you❤️

I’d like to be able to visit the International Space station with the space shuttle

it8Bit — The Space Shuttle Gif by Walter Newton


if they cant make 3d cities they need to add more lights at night
i hope i see city lights approaching for landing at night because its too dark
also rain and proper clouds

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Cough Cough a free trial

I’ve been playing IF for almost 3 years and I’ve been loving it to the max… but the current clouds and how they effect sunrise/sunset lighting is really starting to bug me lol… I hope it won’t take too much longer to resuscitate project metal…


What I would like to see is getting some of my airports released…

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Definitely tail lights on aircraft


YES indeed cant see anything on overnight flights and we need real clouds

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