What update / plane did you enjoy most?

  • A318 & A319
  • A320
  • A321

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What is your overall opinion, which plane do you like most and why?

Now, I will always be flying the Etihad A321 - New Livery!

The A321 one is going to be my favorite.

A318. Now I can land at EGLC in the proper aircraft.


Unfortunately they’ve temporary removed the 5.5° glideslope…

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It is a shame but the Airport Navigation Team is on it!

with etihad A321 i love it

You guys better give us 5 star reviews with that free plane!


I like the Amsterdam, Netherlands region update and the 737 update the most because I’m live in the Netherlands and the Boeing 737 is my favourite plane.

A321 is the updtae I’ve been waiting for. A318/A319/A320 were just little pieces of candy along the way

I think the whole A320 series are superb - but the A318 is a little bit more special. It’s just so cool!

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Is it back with the A321 update? This issue bugs me so much that I hate flying there now. It’s like TFFJ’s hill before '10!

I Prefer the AA A321

In the future, when they change advanced server requirements, that will be my favorite update! For now, I think the A321 but it is not out for iOS so may change back to A318/A319 after I get it…

I don’t know as I’m not an Android user.
@carmalonso told me that they’re aware of the issue and they’re going to fix it as soon as possible.