What type of radio can tune to any airport frequency?

Uh… what?


You can always refund it on amazon by sending it back.

I don’t think you want anyone from Area 51 to reach you.


No consumer grade radio can reach that range, not even most ones on commercial airliners…

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I only want to listen to Janet Airlines

Janet is a largely secretive airline. They don’t communicate on normal radio frequencies. No radio you can obtain has that kind of range.

Son you have a lot to learn about the world.


Please don’t buy an aviation radio for “just because”. Mainly because its a big waste of money. Its a better investment if you already fly and need a back up radio. Have a total comm failure? Sure, then pull out the handheld radio and tune in the frequency as you normally would. Its saved me once and I’ll never fly without one again. But that’s really one of the main practical uses that I would recommend. Its not for your “avgeeks”. I’ll likely get you in more trouble than anything, especially if you start talking on an active frequency.

Excellent example of what not to do:

Thanks @Tim_B for the link