What type of radio can tune to any airport frequency?

I am a very curiouse person. I like to listen to live ATC feeds. And yes, LiveATC is wonderful and i use it, but I wanna tune to any airport frequency. I wanna listen to Iraq airports like Erbil International Airport and Baghdad International Airport, but LiveATC does not cover that country.

However, when I asked if getting callsigns from live ATC feed is illegal

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So, it’s possible to tune into the frequency of any ATC and simply listen to their operations? Say Singapore Changi Int’l Airport Ground frequency is xxx.xx MHz, I just get an FM radio that I normally use to listen to THE FRESHEST HITS (my favourite radio station) then tune to xxx.xx MHz to listen to ATC instead?

So, I looked on Amazon for an FM radio, and most didn’t look like i could tune to any frequency, so I decided to ask ya´ll. The ones that looked like they could tune to any frequency i was skeptical about, because I didn’t wanna waste money on a radio that dosen´t work.

What type of FM radio can tune to any frequency? If possible, please provide the link to ones that can tune to any frequency´s amazon or ebay page if its for sale.

All of them can tune to all frequencies?

Yes they can

Thank you so much. Iraqi Airways Virtual thanks you deerly

This is a great one that I own, it can tune into all ATC frequencies around the world as long as you are in range and I use it to listen to my local ATC.

Are you 100% sure this will work on any Airport frequency? Like if I’m in Massachusetts I can pick up Baghdad Iraq’s control tower?

It’s a matter of range. It would have to have a satellite connection to even get close. I would think it’s just for a local airport or airports nearby, but not airports far away.

Judging from you profile picture, shouldn’t pilots know this already?

Believe it or not, he is not actually a pilot, he is not even a student pilot.

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Oof. My bad

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Radio waves are electromagnetic radiation, like light, x-ray, microwaves, etc.

The frequency (cycles per second) is what makes it unique, and you would need a receiver to pick up those specific frequencies you want.

FM (frequency modulation) and AM (amplitude modulation) are specific types of radio waves, different from those broadcast by ATC, first responders and the like, I don’t know of any FM radio receiver that would include the frequencies transmitted by these parties. You’d have to have a receiver such as the one above that’s configured to tune to these frequencies.

I’ll have to let others speak to its range and all that, but radio waves are finite things. They are obviously strongest closest to the point of origin.

Though it’s a different thing, there are a lot of different factors. Using just AM radio as an example, some stations have a stronger broadcast than others. Most you can only get near their point of origin before they’re lost to degradation and dissipation. But others, like my hometown (St. Louis) KMOX, you can hear clear into Colorado, a couple states away, due to the strength of its signal.

There’s probably not a clear-cut range, and again, I defer to those with experience with ATC receivers to speak to the range, but I would imagine you could pick up some but not others, depending on range.

If you want to find and buy a radio to listen to ATC you are going to want to look at air band radios

Tim is spot on here basically aviation frequencies are line of sight. So what you are asking to do won’t help you at all. You could get a radio and tune into your local airport however. Or if you are in a flat area possibly airports up 50-60NM away.

I mean you can pick up any frequency but the range is about 10km

God damnit. I already bought it on Amazon. What do I do now? Which radio can reach a range of Massachusetts to Bagdad?

There’s no such thing unless you have repeaters


It’s not the radio, it’s the signal.

The signal has to reach you.

I use a Uniden Bearcat UBC125XLT with a Watson 885 antenna, which seems to be the go to setup for many spotters, not just me. You won’t find a scanner which can listen to every single frequency at every single airport around the world because it doesn’t exist. VHF and UHF radio transmissions have limited range because of physical objects (buildings, mountains, the horizon etc) and because the signal strength decreases exponentially with increasing distance (inverse square law).

I hope Area 51 and Pyongyang and Baghdad Airport can reach me