What type of plane should Southwest Airlines add to their fleet?

Hey guys! I was wondering (some can say this is forbidden to think about😇😇) but what type of plane should Southwest Airlines add to their fleet if they had to? Tell me what you think🤗🤗??

Obviously a 747 and an A380 and a Cessna 172


I think this should be in #real-world-aviation!

Anyways, I think they should go with the 767 maybe or the 787!

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A320 family or the a220 🙂 best for what routes they have.


This shouldn’t be in spotting.

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With the 767 and 787 they can open new routes.

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Well I think the a350 has to be a must


I believe Southwest has been looking at the A220 as a possible sub due to the MAX groundings.


The E195 or something around there, that will allow them to operate smaller demand routes without having to use the 737

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Either something smaller like an e195 or A220 or something bigger maybe 757 if Boeing makes an equivalent size plane in the future.

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Wha? No way this was photoshopped before!

They have an all Boeing fleet It just doesn’t make sense operating one airbus type. They will wait for the max to enter service. They have many replacement 737’s anyways.

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I‘m not too familiar with the B767. Can you state, why any airline should go with the B767?
I thought it is just old and far behind state of the art. Is there any advantage of the B767 compared to the B787?

Actually, I love when I have a short flight like KHOU-KDAL and there’s so much legroom. But as a flight attendant I don’t like where we have to hurry with 140 or so drink orders in 25-30 minutes so a e190 would be nice! 🤗🤗

788 would be awesome


A 777 or an A380 would be dope.

Would be an interesting move… but my vote is the a220.

Would give SW a smaller jet that can go the distance in comfort, open it up to routes that aren’t filling on the 737’s but still have popularity


I have flown on SouthWest a good deal of times, and I appreciate their 737 fleet. I think they could add a newer version, such as the MAX, however I am totally happy with what they have at the moment. Maybe in the future we will see a SW 737 MAX again. Yes I am aware they currently use the MAX, however it is grounded so I would like to see it added back.


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