What type of pilot are you? [Poll]

##Poll 1

Jet pilot - likes jet planes most
Fighter pilot - Likes fighters most
Prop pilot - Likes props (turbo too) most

  • Jet Pilot
  • Fighter Pilot
  • Prop Pilot

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##Poll 2

What type of airplanes do you fly the most?

  • Jetliners
  • Propellers
  • Rocket-Engine
  • Fighters

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Thanks for voting! :) :D

I’m a prop guy and I would fly props a lot.

If we had the Bombardier Dash 8…


I would fly either a 737 or a320 if I could pick

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Reciprocating Engine for me! Jet Engines Suck & Blow (hot air) Ike some of the Peanuts who post here! Max the Wizard Sends

@dush19… The “Propeller” module is not showing a count. I pinged it no joy. Max

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I fly jets most of the time.
Sometimes the C208.
I hardly ever use fighters (I take them for touch & goes only).

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im passenger Pilot B 777-3 my favourite plane, but in blanco 😉😉✈️!!! Normaly i love all typ of planes on sky.