What type of passengers do you hate most?

People like that I hate not just on planes but everywhere.

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Yes, once upon a time people dressed for flights like it was an event, not like you just came from the gym.


My mum and sister once had to sit in front of a old woman (she needed to be helped on and off the aircraft), that smelled strongly of urine during the whole flight :/


Especially when they recline full out and you can’t see your IFE Screen, unless you fully recline the whole flight, which I usually don’t want to.

Bawling babies are the worst because honestly sometimes it feels like the parents are doing nothing to calm them. At least take them to the bathroom if you’re at cruising altitude!

Hard to decide between smelly passengers and baby sirens.

That cloud of cologne/perfume that walks down the aisle and you hope that they don’t sit within 10 rows of you.

I didn’t see “talkative passengers” on your list, but I’ve been seated with/near these chatter-boxes and I just want to toss them out an exit.

Since that’s completely out of the question, I stick earphones in, put on sunglasses, and recline. This (usually) works well.


MaxSez: I always fly Business or 1st Class on non-Shuttles. From the Lounge to a nice wide leather lounger or cube. Canapés’ and champagne. Wake me next booze run…


I also wonder why people set foot on the plane and their first thought is to use the restroom. You’ve been sitting in the terminal for over an hour and that did not cross your mind?


Babies are the worst.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but those babies that scream like a cat being strangled should be made to fly in a freighter!

Now that I’m a parent of 2 well behaved boys, both under the age of 3, I now know how brutal of an experience this can be for everyone. Last year my wife and I flew from DEN-MIA and back with a new born and a 2 year old. The 2hour flight down to Florida went smooth, being a late flight they slept nearly the entire way. Unfortunately we, including most everyone seated near us, weren’t anywhere near as lucky on the returning day flight. 2+ hours of my wife or I walking the new born up and now the isle any chance we could. He cried the whole time. 2+hours. I somehow knew it was going to be rough trip when the 2 year old grabbed a fist full of hair of the younger girl seated just in front of us not minutes after boarding. I know she wanted to say or do something but she remained cool, even when I knew she realized she was in for a potentially horrible flight. And it was. We felt bad. We tried all we could. We apologized when necessary. If it means anything, I’m pretty sure my boy had a miserable time as well. I personally don’t like stinky people but I’ll vote crying baby…):


Seat kickers because it directly annoys me. Someone reclining their seat to max doesn’t bother me. A baby making noise can be tuned out; just put your headphones on and listen to some tunage (AKA music). Going to the toilet is natural. Let em go if they must.

You should’ve including “kid in the seat in front of you looking at you”. I hate that. To me, nothing is more annoying than some kid that keeps turning around to look at you the entire flight.


It’s very uncomfortable to travel with people who doesn’t behave properly in an airplane. Even with those who are racists.


MaxSez: @CyLyric… Nostalgic, Thank for sharing, fond memories, been there done that. 4 children world air travelers from birth back in the day. Service brats, major relocations every 2/3 years. Prop/Jet transition period. I felt your pain! LOL

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Oh come on now! It’s not the baby’s fault! lol

i hate fat people that take up their seat and part of yours.


I can only imagine your flights. Cigarettes, booze, rough uncomfortable seating, stale and slow. oh man I can only imagine.

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I’ve heard stories about passengers who get really mad at the pilot because they’re too impatient and needy. Those kinds of passengers who don’t appreciate what they’ve got is the type I hate.

The smug I’m in business/first class flyers who disrespect you because you got upgraded first class and didn’t purchase it. Trust me they are out there.