What Type of General Aviation Aircraft have you Flown on?

So I was watching my vids from 2 days ago when I flew in a piper PA-28 and thought " i wonder what type of ga planes people on the ifc have flown on." So, what ga planes have you flown on,where,provide a picture of the plane if able, was it for business or fun?

Heres mine.




Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Maule MXT-7, Piper Dakota, Piper Arrow, Baron 58, Cessna Citation V

Cessna 172
Cessna 152
Maule mxt-7
Beechcraft Baron 58
Piper Dakota
Piper Cherokee
Piper arrow

Just mai good old C172

Oh man let’s see if I can remember.

C150, C170, C172, C175, C182, C180, C185 (Got stuck on a glacier one time that was fun!)
C195, C206, C207, C208, DHC2, DHC3, Maule 7, J3, J4 PA12, PA18, Beech Musketeer, Sea Bee, GA8 (Got potential be a good airplane). R22, R44, Gyrocopter, Grumman Goose, Super D

Most of these were for fun! The GA8 I helped move to Fairbanks, and brought one back.
The DHC2, was my friend’s when we were looking to buy him a Beaver which he ended up buying.

Here’s the J4, Only a few of these left!

Here’s the Maule when we went out flying onto the rivers


My friend, Scott Sexton’s Super D who gave me a ride at Valdez talk about fun!

Our R44 we flew to an airshow - Best way to fly to an airshow is with a helicopter, until Bell bring’s their brand new 505 and set up next to you lol

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I’ve only been on was a Diamond Star (DA40)
That is flight training

I’ve done an introductory flight on a Cessna 172 before, very fun and memorable flight!

*Cessna 172/182 don’t remember which, I was so little
*Diamond DA-20
*helicopter, again was too little to remember
*GZ-20 airship (Goodyear Blimp Stars & Stripes)

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Soundsair C208 Grand Caravan from Welly to Blenheim and back a week later!

My dads friend owns a TBM 930 I only rode on it once to go to an eye specialist in Ohio

I have actually never flown on any GA aircraft as my family gets plane sick while flying in small planes so I mostly fly the larger commercial aircraft and we avoid the smaller GA planes and the Crj family among others :(

Okay Im jealous lol


Well. Try a discovery flight. Just you and an Instrictor for 1 to 2 hours. You will also get to fly the plane.

I think they run around 100 to 200 dollars


PA-28 G-BIZZ from cranfield airport!

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