What type of flights would you recommend for beginners

  • Long Haul
  • Short Haul
  • Medium Haul

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Do flights that you can fly for the most part by hand or do traffic patterns.


I agree, I have played for a few years now but I started off doing long haul flights and that was not the best idea since I had no idea what I was doing

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Once a pilot gets to cruise they turn on AP and go about their business. Some people sleep, some people do homework, and some people actively monitor every aspect of their flight. 30 minute or 19-hour flight I don’t feel makes a difference since both have the same number of takeoffs and landing. I would focus on the short ones to get the experience with flight planning and the various transitions to the stages of flight and then you can expand on it.


I’d say medium haul, so that you learn little by little to fly long hauls. And if you manage to fly long hauls, you’ll be able to fly for however long it could be (short, medium or long hauls).

Why? Because medium hauls basically have approximately the same mechanics as long hauls, except they last less: taxi, take-off, climb to cruise, descent, landing and taxi to parking. Those steps of a flight are very important and flying medium hauls will teach you what (not) to do and how to do them better.

Short hauls are, however, better in my opinion if you just want to learn how to fly a plane.

Short hauls is the best to really understand instruments and control the aircraft properly

Depends on how much time you have and the type of aircraft you want to fly. If you are like me and have limited time available I’d stick to short haul.


I would suggest doing either short haul or medium haul flights. That way you familiarize yourself well with flight planning and all. And if you decide to stick with one aircraft type, you’ll get used to the general physics in no time! Allowing for more accurately planned descents and perfection of your landing technique.

I would even go as far as taking up a GA aircraft and running several patterns and doing small airport hops. Hand flying your aircraft whilst doing this is really fun and its a worthwhile skill to master.


To be honest I find that it really depends on personal preference. All of them do the exact same thing. Pushback, Taxi, takeoff, landing, etc… all that’s different is how much time you are in the air for. 🤷‍♂️

But if you want to get the most out of the time you have to improve your overall skills, I would recommend short hauls between 1-2 hours long.

Hope this helps!

LAX-SFO or vice versa.
‘Nuff said.

I would honestly suggest pattern work. Patterns are one of the best ways to learn an aircraft, and it also familiarizes newer pilots to Unicom.

After you learn the basics, short hauls are probably the best to reinforce skills (takeoffs and landings, unicom) and introduces you to climb, cruise, and descent

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I would go with short haul. and as you gain experience you can add on it. If you want to do some flights short haul, i would be more than happy to assist you!

The flight time doesn’t add much to the difficulty of a flight, since landing and to some extent take off are always the hardest parts for beginners to handle.

I would say short haul so you can practice landings as often as possible.

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